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[2.4-15] Game: Age Snap | Janine Berger

Time is an illusion. There is no such thing as the pastor the future, there is only an endless series of present moments. As human beings, however, we have the ability to create stories and even our own identities out of these moments.

It’s important to hold on to these moments, because each time we forget one of them, we lose a little bit of our identity.

The following game is an opportunity to remind ourselves of who we are, and of what we have in common with other people.

Play bit with your friends, play it with strangers, play it with your true love…and turn an ordinary evening into an intoxicating journey down memory lane.

What you will need:

One set of cards numbered 4-18 for each player:


5 6 7 8


10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17



How to play:

Each player shuffles their deck of cards and holds it face down.

On the count of 3, both players turn the top card face up at the same time. If the cards show different numbers, draw again.

If the cards are the same, compare your lives at the ages indicated by the number on the cards.   Talk for as long as you want to.

Continue drawing cards until you have talked about your lives at all of the ages.

What did you have in common? What was different? Who are you?

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